My name is David. I am a pest control professional who lives and works in the LA area. For my entire career, I’ve been learning about termites and the damage they can do. I’m fascinated by the creatures, but I also know how important it is to deal with infestations.

Many people are familiar with termite infestations, even if they haven’t experienced one themselves. Termites can eat away at the walls of the home, furniture, and other wooden structures. Termite infestations have destroyed homes in the past. Even if they don’t destroy an entire home, they can cause structural damage that costs thousands of dollars to replace.

In the past, information about termites was mostly found among professionals. We make it our job to understand everything there is to know about how these creatures work, how to protect against infestation, and how to deal with infestations that already exist. But with the internet, it’s easier to access information than ever before. People can find information about termites and other pests with the click of a button.

The goal of this website is to provide all the information you could possibly need about termites. You shouldn’t need to be a professional to understand termite removal. I’ll use my expertise to help you understand what to do about infestations.

There’s a huge amount of information that you’ll find here.

First, you’ll find information about the termites themselves. There’s a host of interesting information about these bugs. I’ll explain what they eat, how they reproduce, and how their biology works. Ever wonder whether termites can see? You’ll find the answer to that question, plus a lot of other information, at this website.

I’ll get more in-depth about the substances termites do and do not like to eat. I’ll help you understand which home structures are safest from infestation, what types of wood are most vulnerable, and whether certain specific substances are appealing to termites or not. If you’ve ever had a question about what termites like to eat or why they like to eat it, I’ve done my best to answer it here.

I’ll also explain what to do if you have a termite infestation. In a lot of cases, a termite infestation requires professional intervention. I’ll help you understand what you can do to combat the problem on your own. I’ll explain the damage that termites can do, and the reasons why you should act as quickly as possible.

If you’ve ever been curious about termites, or you have a termite problem that needs to be dealt with, I’ll try to give you the information you need. It doesn’t matter where you live, what kind of home you have, or what your budget is. You deserve to live a life safe from termites. I’ll help you protect yourself and fight any existing issues.

Whether you’re curious about your garden mulch or your home’s structural integrity, I’ll help you understand the role termites play.